Rs. 1,699



Details - Crafted from exquisite printed organza, this gown is an embodiment of pure sophistication. Its pristine white hue symbolizes purity and new beginnings, making it the perfect choice for those unforgettable moments.

The "Ashley" gown features a sleek, full-length silhouette that gracefully drapes over your curves, accentuating your natural beauty. Its simplicity is its strength, allowing you to shine without distraction. And for that added touch of versatility, we've designed it with detachable sleeves, so you can adapt your look to your mood.

Our printed organza fabric adds a touch of whimsy, with delicate patterns that dance in the light, creating a dreamy and romantic ambiance. The fine texture of organza glides like a gentle breeze, enhancing your movements with a touch of ethereal grace.

Fabric - Printed Organza

Color - White

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