Rs. 15,999


Details - "Bloom" emerges as a vision of grace and delicacy, a gown designed to enchant with its timeless beauty. The V-neck gown, crafted from metallic fabric and net, exudes a subtle shimmer, creating an ethereal allure. The simplicity of the tulle skirt adds a touch of sophistication, allowing the wearer to glide with effortless elegance.

What sets "Bloom" apart is its detachable blouse, adorned with petal and rose structures, adding a touch of romance to the ensemble. This intricate detailing transforms the gown into a wearable piece of art, perfect for those seeking a blend of classic charm and contemporary allure. With "Bloom," grace meets glamour, creating a gown that ensures you stand out with poise and style on any grand occasion.

Fabric -Metalic fabric and Net

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