Rs. 2,599


COPPER - A Masterpiece Of Versatility

Details - This exquisite full-length gown, bathed in a mesmerizing copper hue, is your canvas for creating unforgettable memories. Crafted from the ethereal embrace of soft net fabric, "Copper" drapes your body like a dream.

With its detachable sleeves, you have the power to transition effortlessly from a timeless, modest look to a sultry, off-shoulder allure, all in the blink of an eye. Adorn yourself with the detachable flowers, enhancing your aura with delicate blooms that complement your radiance.

But that's not all. "Copper" has a touch of asymmetrical magic with its one-sided drape, adding a hint of drama to your event. The accompanying belt cinches your waist, accentuating your curves and making every shot a work of art.

Fabric - Net

Color - Brown

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