Rs. 1,199



Details - Crafted with love and designed to capture your most cherished moments, this turquoise dream is destined to make you shine like the star you are. CYAN boasts a full-length silhouette that gracefully caresses your curves, ensuring you look and feel radiant throughout your special day. The luscious lycra fabric provides the perfect blend of comfort and allure, draping you in a soft embrace that complements your natural glow.

The hallmark of CYAN is its adjustable pleated sleeves, designed to empower you with endless style possibilities. Transform your look effortlessly – wear it as an off-shoulder gown for a touch of sultry elegance, pull up the sleeves for a playful, carefree vibe, or go for the one-shoulder chic that's bound to steal the show.

Fabric - Lycra

Color - Turquoise

Please text us on WhatsApp, if you don’t find the dress available for your dates!

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