Rs. 10,099


Details - Wrap yourself in ethereal beauty with our Dove gown, a masterpiece designed for moments that deserve nothing less than pure enchantment. Crafted in pristine white lycra and delicate net, this full-length shrug-style gown redefines grace and allure.

"Dove" whispers timeless sophistication as it drapes you in soft, flowing layers of lycra, providing you the comfort and flexibility. With its two-piece lycra inners, this gown becomes your canvas, allowing you to adjust the skirt to showcase your baby bump, making every shot a testament to the miracle of life.

Designed for the modern muse, "Dove" transcends expectations, blending elegance and comfort seamlessly. It's more than a gown; it's an embodiment of your journey, capturing the essence of the moments that matter most.

Fabric - Lycra & Net with pearl and roses

Color - White

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