Rs. 6,999

Symphony of Spring

Details - This full-length masterpiece is a testament to the beauty of nature and the elegance of fashion. Crafted from a divine heavy sequin embroidered fabric, this dress drapes with a graceful allure.

The gown's pristine white canvas serves as the perfect backdrop for the exquisite garden of flowers that adorn its bottom, creating a captivating fusion of femininity and sophistication. Each petal and leaf has been meticulously embroidered, offering you a wearable masterpiece that celebrates the season of renewal.

But that's not all - versatility is key with this gown. Its detachable sleeves allow you to seamlessly transition from a chic look during the day to an alluring evening ensemble. A matching belt cinches your waist, adding a touch of definition, while an ethereal bow ties it all together with a playful yet refined charm. To give the dreamy effect, ballring can be purchased separately.

However, the hair accessory seen in our imagery is not included. To complete your enchanting look, please visit our Hair Accessory Column and select the perfect complement to this breathtaking ensemble.

Fabric - Heavy sequin embroidered fabric

Color - White

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