Rs. 1,599



Details - Crafted with precision and a dash of magic, this breathtaking gown in serene blue is more than just clothing; it's an exquisite embodiment of femininity and grace.

HAZEL cradles your body in luxurious Cotton Lycra, ensuring not only supreme comfort but also a seamless fit that accentuates your curves with utmost gentleness. Its full-length drape gracefully envelops you, creating an ethereal silhouette that tells a story of elegance and charm.

With a high slit that hints at the daring spirit within, HAZEL adds a dash of allure to your photos, allowing you to capture the essence of your journey with every click. The gown's enchanting neckline frames your face like a piece of fine art, drawing attention to your radiant glow.

Fabric - Cotton Lycra.

Color - Blue

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