Rs. 3,500

ChromaVelvet Dream - Elevate Your Spring Parties in Multicolour Magic

Details - This full-length masterpiece is the epitome of elegance and exuberance, designed to cast a spell of enchantment at any event. Crafted with a combination of sumptuous velvet and colorful georgette fabric, this dress is a symphony of textures and hues that will leave you mesmerized.

The multicolour palette of this gown captures the vibrant spirit of spring, resembling a garden in full bloom. The cascading sequins reflect the light with every step, creating an iridescent effect that's simply breathtaking. The dress gathers gracefully at the waist, defining your silhouette while ensuring comfort and ease of movement.

And remember, for the perfect finishing touch, explore our Hair Accessory column to complete your captivating look. Please note, the hair accessory is not included, so don't forget to add it to your cart and make your ensemble truly unforgettable. "

Fabric - Dyed Georgette, Velvet Sequins

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