Rs. 1,499



Details - Drenched in a majestic shade of purple, this full-length wonder is a symphony of grace and enchantment, tailored to accentuate your radiant beauty.

Crafted with a harmonious blend of lycra and delicate net, Rapunzel drapes your silhouette like a dream. The lycra base ensures a snug, comfortable fit that gently embraces your body's contours, while the sheer net overlay sprinkled with cascading ruffles adds a touch of fairy-tale whimsy to your attire.

The enchantment continues in the details, with long, billowing ruffles gracefully adorning both the sleeves and the dress itself. Every step you take in Rapunzel is poetry in motion, a delicate dance of grace and sophistication.

Fabric - Lycra & Net

Color - Purple

Please text us on WhatsApp, if you don’t find the dress available for your dates!

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