Rs. 999


SAGE - Where Elegance Meets Exuberance!

Details - This exquisite creation embodies the essence of modern sophistication with a touch of whimsical charm.

Crafted from the finest satin and ethereal net fabric, the "Sage" gown drapes luxuriously, embracing your silhouette in a graceful fish cut that accentuates your curves. The daring yet graceful V-neck adds a dash of allure, while the mesmerizing sleeves evoke a sense of timeless romance.

Dive into a world of enchantment as you adorn this gown, transforming into a modern-day Barbie. With its full-length design and resplendent hot pink hue, you'll be the epitome of style, grace, and confidence.

Fabric - Satin & Lycra

Color - Pink

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