Rs. 1,199



Details - Discover the epitome of grace and style with our enchanting "Turquoise" gown. Crafted for the moments when life demands a touch of magic, this mermaid-cut masterpiece is your ultimate choice for your event.

Our designers have poured their hearts into every stitch of this full-length gown, ensuring that you'll radiate confidence and beauty in every photograph. "Turquoise" gently cradles your curves, accentuating your natural grace and feminine allure.

Made from premium lycra, the outer layer of this dress boasts a luxurious texture that feels as incredible as it looks. The captivating blue hue of "Turquoise" evokes serenity and sophistication, making it the ideal canvas for capturing the moments that matter most.

Fabric - Premium Lycra

Color - Turquoise

Please text us on WhatsApp, if you don’t find the dress available for your dates!

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