Rs. 10,499

Details - Introducing the stunning "Two-Way Scallop Blouse, Satin Skirt" ensemble, a three-piece masterpiece that radiates sophistication and allure. The blouse boasts versatility with two distinct options: a deep-neck satin blouse for understated elegance and a sequined scallop blouse resembling delicate butterfly wings, adding a touch of ethereal charm. The shoulder detail, reminiscent of butterfly wings, lends a whimsical yet graceful aura to the ensemble. The skirt choices offer a blend of textures and styles, with an asymmetrical satin skirt featuring uneven scalloped edges for fluid movement, and a sequined fabric option providing a glamorous sparkle. This ensemble is a timeless choice for any occasion, promising to enchant and captivate with its refined design and captivating beauty, ensuring you make a memorable statement wherever you go.

Fabric - satin, sequins and crepe

Embellishment - 3D butterflies 

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