Rs. 11,099


Where Elegance Meets Destiny

Details - Crafted with utmost finesse, this gown is a testament to the allure of timeless fashion. It's not just a dress; it's an embodiment of your dreams and aspirations.

The Viona gown whispers sophistication in every stitch, enveloping you in a delicate embrace of beige. Designed for those moments when you want to radiate beauty and confidence, this full-length masterpiece boasts a pleated drape on top, exuding an aura of pure enchantment. The detachable sleeves add a touch of versatility, allowing you to adapt effortlessly to different styles.

We've chosen the finest NET fabric for the outer layer of this gown, creating a delicate interplay of textures and translucency that adds depth to your every movement. With Viona, you're not just wearing a dress; you're wearing an art piece, capturing your journey before the most significant moments of your life.

Fabric - Net

Color - Beige

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